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BRE DataBook

The single source of Manufacturers’ BIM Product Data
DataBook is free to list, and free to use


  • Free listing for your entire range – including BIM Data, images and supporting documents in any format.
  • Cost effective way of getting your Digital product information accessible by the supply chain, from design through commissioning
  • A perpetual store of BIM product data
  • Value added services available to check and validate your BIM Data Listings, complementing BRE’s formal Product Performance & Certification offerings.


  • Access to easily searchable product information to help inform your BIM EIR
  • Visualise objects quickly by using reliable data and plug-ins.
  • Information is always available, reducing reliance on architects and software vendors.


  • Data is organised into a logical hierarchy that aligns with common design software approaches.
  • Product Data configurable for project stage and role (architect, engineer, transporter, commissioner).
  • An agile tool – no need to import unwieldy and complicated geometry
  • Build your own library of commonly used BIM objects for use in other projects.
  • Reduce the size of your BIM Models by linking to DataBook data via APIs rather than importing huge (and often irrelevant) data sets into your model.
  • Change the product data attached to a BIM Object without leaving BIM applications such as Revit, AutoCAD Architecture, Civil 3D, Navisworks etc. (Open API for other vendors to develop plug-ins).